We seek to enhance the visibility and accessibility of noteworthy current developments in salmon science, in recognition that peer-reviewed science is often difficult for people outside of academia to access and understand.

Our scope is broad: we cover topics ranging from salmon ecology and evolution, to watershed ecology, to salmon economics and management.

With this resource, we do not provide a comprehensive summary of all science relating to salmon conservation and management. Rather, we facilitate access to the most salient current research.

What we offer

Salmon-Net translates, summarizes, and provides access to current peer-reviewed science relevant to Pacific salmon conservation and management. This collaborative project involves investigators from the University of Washington, the University of Alaska Fairbanks, Simon Fraser University and our partners, with funding from the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation.

Salmon-Net is an information portal that we hope will be useful to the broad range of people and organizations involved in the conservation and management of Pacific salmon and their ecosystems. Our primary activities include:

  • Providing accessible summaries of important new science from the peer-reviewed literature in English and Russian. We have purchased open access rights (where needed) to provide public access to the original papers.
  • Providing supporting resources, including presentation slides, photographs, and media links related to the featured science.
  • Hosting an online platform for open discussion of emerging salmon science, organized around the papers reviewed in our Science Spotlights.
  • Convening meetings and working groups focused on scientific needs and ideas relevant to salmon conservation and management.


We hope that you will both read and use the material posted on this site, as well as contribute your own ideas for material that should be covered here.

Papers that we highlight are either chosen by the Salmon-Net team, or have been nominated by someone in the broader Salmon-Net community. If you would like to see a particular paper highlighted, please send us a note. 

Other ways for you to contribute to Salmon-Net include:

  • Provide feedback on our Science Spotlights by adding commentary.
  • Suggest an idea for a working group or meeting on a pressing conservation or management issue by contacting us. We will consider all ideas and get back in touch about whether we can help execute such gatherings.
  • Nominate papers that you think we should provide coverage of on this site by contacting us.

Join the network using the form on this page. Once you’re part of Salmon-Net, you’ll receive a notification whenever we add a new Science Spotlight. Also, follow our Twitter feed for additional resources and news.