Marine-Derived Nutrients

May 21-25, 2018 | Anchorage, Alaska

A compelling narrative exists about the ecological importance of marine-derived nutrients and energy (MDN) in coastal watersheds.  From their roles as prey for terrestrial and aquatic wildlife, to their importance as subsidies of productivity-limiting nutrients, a complex story is often told about how broadly important salmon are to freshwater and riparian ecosystems.  Read more

Glacial retreat and salmon

May 2017 | Vancouver, British Columbia

Climate change is driving deglaciation with potential changes for salmon populations. This loss of ice will expose new rivers and streams, alter river temperatures, sediment supply, and flow regimes.  Read more

Linking law and science

May 2017 | Victoria, British Columbia

While it is generally accepted that science should inform environmental decision-making, it is not always clear to scientists how science gets incorporated into the legal process, or to lawyers how to make the best use of science.  Read more