Linking law and science

May 2017 | Victoria, BC

In May, 2017, Salmon-Net helped support and organize a symposium on Linking Environmental Law and Science at the Canadian Society of Ecology and Evolution (CSEE) conference in Victoria, BC. While it is generally accepted that science should inform environmental decision-making, it is not always clear to scientists how science gets incorporated into the legal process, or to lawyers how to make the best use of science. These challenges at the law-science interface, with particular focus on management of Canada’s aquatic ecosystems, were explored in a well-attended symposium that brought together speakers with experience in applied ecology as well as practitioners of environmental law from different sectors. Insights from this symposium were synthesized in a paper that has been accepted for publication and is forthcoming at Facets.

Moore, J.W., L. Nowlan, M. Olszynski, A.L. Jacob, B. Favaro, L. Collins, G.L.T.-L. Williams-Davidson, and J. Weitz. In press. Towards linking environmental law and science. Facets.