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Effects of logging on salmon habitat may take decades to fully emerge

Reid et al. (2020). Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences 77:1780-93.

Logging is common throughout Pacific Coast watersheds, yet our understanding of how forestry practices affect freshwater systems remains incomplete. In Carnation Creek, legacy effects of logging continue to reverberate throughout the riparian environment and impair coho habitat nearly 40 years after the end of logging activities. Check out the Science Spotlight.

Alaskan salmon have become smaller over the past half-century

Oke et al. (2020). Nature Communications 11:4155.

A new study reveals that the trends noted by Indigenous people, scientists, managers, and fishers within their own systems are not aberrations: Alaskan salmon are getting smaller throughout the entire state. Check out the Science Spotlight.

No ‘smoking gun’ for Alaskan Chinook declines

Jones et al. (2020). Global Change Biology 26:4919-36.

A new study challenges the view that adverse marine conditions have driven the past decade of Chinook salmon declines in Alaska. Instead, the study points to watershed-scale freshwater conditions and the cumulative effects of multiple environmental drivers as contributing factors to productivity declines. Check out the Science Spotlight.

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