Science Spotlights

SPOTLIGHT: Flora Cordoleani

Years in their ears: what can fish earbones tell us about spring-run Chinook success in an increasingly volatile and warming climate?

SPOTLIGHT: Zhenyu Tian

Identification and analysis of 6PPD-quinone: the coho salmon toxicant

Spotlight: David Reid

Steady flows, unsteady habitat: the role of watershed disturbance and dynamic channel morphology in varying salmon habitat through time at Carnation Creek, BC

Spotlight: Krista Oke

Patterns and consequences of declines in the size and age of Alaska salmon

Spotlight: Tim Cline

Effects of warming climate and competition in the ocean for life-histories of Pacific salmon

Spotlight: Anna Sturrock

Eight decades of hatchery salmon releases in the California Central Valley: Factors influencing straying and resilience

SPOTLIGHT: Tasha Thompson

Anthropogenic habitat alteration leads to rapid loss of adaptive variation and restoration potential in wild salmon populations

SPOTLIGHT: Jan Ohlberger

Four decades of changing demographic structure in Chinook salmon across the Northeast Pacific


Diversifying fisheries portfolios stabilizes fishing communities

SPOTLIGHT: Nick Bouwes

Partnering with beaver to restore fish and wildlife habitat

Part 1  |  Part 2

SPOTLIGHT: Benjamin Martin

Why lab-derived estimates of thermal tolerance failed to predict survival of winter run eggs in the Sacramento River

SPOTLIGHT: Patrick Kilduff

Changing central Pacific El Niños affect survival rates of North American salmon

SPOTLIGHT: Michael Malick

Effects of the North Pacific Current on productivity of 163 Pacific salmon stocks

SPOTLIGHT: Greg Ruggerone

Evidence for competition among salmon at sea

2019 AFS/TWS Joint Conference

AFS 2019: Randall Peterman

The history of density dependence: From Ricker to management and conservation

English  |  Pусский

AFS 2019: Robin Waples

Conserving salmon diversity in the age of genomics

English  |  Pусский

AFS 2019: Mike Miller

The genetic and evolutionary basis of phenotypic variation in Pacific salmon informs conservation and management

English  |  Pусский

AFS 2019: Peter Westley

Phenotypes, selection, and ecology of stray hatchery salmon in nature

English  |  Pусский

AFS 2019: Jim Winton

Emerging disease threats to Pacific salmon

English  |  Pусский

AFS 2019: nate mantua

Climate forcing and regime dynamics in the ocean

English  |  Pусский 

AFS 2019: Masahide Kaeriyama

Ocean carrying capacity and biological interactions among Pacific salmon on the high seas under the changing climate

English  |  Pусский

AFS 2019: Jonathan Moore

Vulnerability and robustness in Pacific salmon

English  |  Pусский

AFS 2019: Gordon Reeves

The dynamic landscape: Shifting habitat mosaics from headwaters to estuaries

English  |  Pусский

AFS 2019: Daniel Schindler

The ecological and evolutionary dynamics of aquatic landscapes that support Pacific salmon

English  |  Pусский

AFS 2019: Gunnar Knapp

Long-term trends in the Pacific salmon industry

English  |  Pусский

Community Contributions

Community Contributor: Matt Sloat

Predicting the response of salmon habitat to changing hydrologic regimes in southeast Alaska